Other Processes

In addition to vacuum forming, we utilize a number of other processes in order to form and trim plastic sheets.

  • Manual Thermo Forming: Owens are heating the plastic, in a manual operation the sheet are then formed over a mold without using vacuum.
  • Welding: Most of the thermo plastic materials may be welded. We have an extensive experience in a variety of methods such as tread welding, extruding and welding by ultra sound.
  • Bending without heat: Some plastic materials may be bended directly without pre-heating on dedicated equipment.
  • Bending with heat: Heating in the bending area only, ensures that the rest of the sheet is left untouched and without any optical distortions.
  • Assembling: Inserting components and mounting of parts to subassemblies or final products are effectively maintained in our assembly department.
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