MasterCam is the programming tool for mold and fixture milling in our automated machines and routers. The software is also used to offline programming the trimming of the final plastic part.

Gyli Plast AS has its own well equipped tool department, which ensures the necessary level of flexibility and to meet the demand for short lead times.

We manufacture molds from solid aluminum blocks or by casting and after-milling. Trimming fixtures, measuring fixtures and assembly fixtures are also made in-house. All serial production tools are made from cast or milled aluminum.

Prototypes and zero production pieces may be manufactured rapidly and cost effective on molds milled directly from polyurethane. Simple molds are often made directly of aluminum sheets by welding, buckling, grinding etc.


  • Gyli Plast AS
  • Phone: +47 38 05 44 44
  • Adress: Eikeveien 3, 4640 Søgne.
  • Mailing Adress: Boks 964, 4682 Søgne.

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