Gyli Plast A/S utilizes SolidWorks as primary Cad-tool.

SolidWorks is mainly used in adjusting and preparing the customers 3D model for further processing, sometimes also for designing a 3D model from scratch.

We have the experience for advising and guiding in the design phase. Experience shows that potential cost savings afforded by inviting our professionals
to contribute advice early in the developmental phase of the project can be quite substantial.

File exchange formats: We have accumulated a significant experience with communication through 3D numerical models,and can handle most of the
commonly used file formats.


  • Gyli Plast AS
  • Phone: +47 38 05 44 44
  • Adress: Eikeveien 3, 4640 Søgne.
  • Mailing Adress: Boks 964, 4682 Søgne.

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